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Baton QC

BATON is a premium, next-generation automated QC platform offering comprehensive quality checks (black frames, freeze, RGB color gamut, video dropouts, compression issues etc.), including extensive subtitles and closed caption verification, audio language identification, PSE and loudness detection (CALM, EBU, ATSC A/85 etc.) for a wide variety of media formats. The service is entirely cloud-based and fully integrated with the VidiCore API.

A prerequisite to using the Baton QC service is a VidiCore API version 5.7 or later. The media files you want to check using this service must reside on an S3 Bucket, registered as a storage in your VidiCore API instance.

Getting Started

Launch the service from VidiNet Dashboard.

You can choose to automatically connect and configure the Baton QC service to your VidiNet-based VidiCore API instance by selecting a target instance in the “VidiCore API” dropdown. You will need to provide VidiCore API credentials in order for VidiNet to apply the configuration:

  1. a Baton QC service endpoint in /API/resource/vidinet

  2. a set of sample Baton QC Test Plans in /API/analyze-preset

Once the service has been launched successfully, it will appear under “My Services” in the VidiNet Dashboard. This is where you will be able to see service connection details, spend summary, service credentials, and more.

Manual service configuration

If you do not select a target VidiCore API instance (e.g. if you are running VidiCore API locally), you need to manually configure your VidiCore instance with a service endpoint. The instructions on how to do this can be found in the APIdoc. You also need to manually add Test Plans to your VidiCore API instance. The instructions for this can be found here.

Usage instructions

Instructions on how to use the Baton QC service, from the VidiCore API, can be found in the APIdoc.

Import custom Test Plans

For existing or advanced users of Baton QC, custom Test Plans from any on-prem Baton QC Enterprise system can easily be imported to VidiCore for use with the VidiNet Baton QC Service. Read more here.

Using Dynamic Parameters

For very advanced users of Baton QC, the ability to use Dynamic Parameters is supported (= override Test Plan settings as part of the job instruction). Read more here